The Tooth Fairy is More Generous than Ever!

PDA blog_tooth fairy POSTOLIt’s hard not to forget the joy of leaving a tooth under your pillow at night and waking up to find money from the tooth fairy. Some of us even stayed up way beyond our bedtime in hopes of getting a glimpse of the magical benefactor. These days, kids are cashing in for more than ever! St. Louis Dentistry loves to talk about all things teeth, so read on to find out how Ballwin, MO kids are making bank in the tooth market.

The Tooth Exchange is Booming

Engaging the services of the tooth fairy is a great way to get kids excited about losing their baby teeth. The tooth fairy makes a painful experience into a positive, memorable one, teaching kids that growing up is change for the better. For some Ballwin, MO children who are scared of losing teeth, it may be the only way to convince them to say goodbye their tiny teeth and wiggle away to adulthood.

However, the incentive is key, so as you contemplate how much to leave under your child’s pillow you might wonder- what’s the going rate for a baby tooth?

According to a new survey by Visa, American kids are now receiving a whopping $3.70 per tooth! That’s an increase of 23% from last year’s $3.00 per tooth average, and 42% higher than the 2011 average of $2.60. According to Jason Alderman, Visa’s director of global education, “Tooth Fairy inflation is clearly surging.”

At that rate, your child will end up with $74 cold, hard, calcium-earned cash.

How much you choose to leave for your kids’ baby teeth is between you and the tooth fairy, but Dr. Postol is always happy to answer any questions about your kids’ oral health. Call us at St. Louis Dentistry today with any concerns or to schedule an appointment!


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